Use Mastermind on Alexa, Google Assistant and smart displays by simply
using your voice.


You are the everywhere-entrepreneur. 

Just because you are not at your desk doesn't mean you don't need to get work done. You may be at the gym, driving, relaxing at home or at the local pub - and something work-related comes up - and it just can't wait. 

"Office Anywhere" with Mastermind
Mastermind uniquely delivers voice access to your essential devops tools wherever you are. Now you can execute work functions - from updating Jira, to emailing your team, to checking the latest code pushed to GitHub - by simply talking to your mobile phone, bluetooth-earbuds or smart speaker. 

Voice-activation and natural language understanding are the next great leap in human productivity, and Mastermind unlocks this potential for you and your work.

You can simply tell Mastermind to “get me ready for the team standup” and your assistant will create your standup status from data scattered across your various tools.

And there are a host of other voice commands Mastermind understands to keep you productive no-matter where you are:

  • Create a task, then, Assign it to me.
  • Create a bug, then, Assign it to Pat.
  • Get me ready for my team standup, then, Email that to my manager
  • What is on my sprint backlog?
  • What are the open pull requests?
  • What are my bugs?
  • When is my next meeting?
  • What code has been committed today?
  • Get my code commits for this week.
  • What is Dan working on?
  • What tasks have I completed this week?
  • What is on the team backlog?
  • What did the team get done this month?
  • What is on the product backlog?
  • And SO MUCH MORE….


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